McDonald's Drive Thru Northallerton

DR1 Aerial Ltd had the privilege of collaborating with Wharton Construction on the development of a McDonald’s Drive Thru in Northallerton. Our task was to capture weekly construction progress photography and provide aerial survey data of the site. We utilised advanced drone technology to capture high-resolution aerial images that showcased the site’s development over time. This enabled Wharton Construction to monitor the project’s progress and make informed decisions based on the information collected.

In addition to capturing construction progress photography, we also performed aerial mapping missions to document the evolving landscape of the site. This involved the collection of detailed topographic surveys that provided an accurate representation of the project’s layout and topography. By utilising drone technology, we were able to survey the site from various angles and heights, ensuring comprehensive coverage of the site.


The final visit to the construction site involved a measured aerial survey, which provided precise measurements of key areas across the development. Our team utilised specialised equipment and techniques to collect this data, ensuring its reliability and accuracy by implementing control and check points across the site.

Overall, our involvement in this project showcased the benefits of drone surveying in the building industry. By capturing weekly construction progress photography and conducting drone surveys, we were able to provide valuable insights into the project’s development. The aerial measured survey further added to the project’s success by providing accurate measurements for quality control purposes. DR1 Aerial Ltd takes pride in contributing to Wharton Construction’s endeavours and supporting their commitment to excellence.

volumes of car parking spaces and building calculated from the orthomosaic map produced from a geospatially located drone survey

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