Church 3D Model

DR1 Aerial Ltd recently undertook a fascinating project in Cambridgeshire involving the use of drones to capture a measured 3D model of an abandoned church. The objective was to demonstrate the capabilities of our drone technology, showing the high level of data that can be collected when using aerial photogrammetry techniques. By doing so, we were able to capture every intricate detail of the church, showcasing its architectural beauty and historical significance.

3D model of a church


The use of drones for 3D modelling offers several advantages over traditional methods. With the ability to fly at different altitudes and angles, drones can capture images from various perspectives that wouldn’t otherwise be possible from ground level. This results in a more comprehensive and detailed model, which in the case of this project shows in the output resolution of the church roof.

Drones also allow for modelling data to be collected much quicker, improving project efficiency by reducing the costs associated with complex and time consuming manual measurements. They also helps to eliminate the risks associated with accessing difficult or hazardous locations.

3D model of a church by a drone - window pane close up


After processing, the resulting 3D model not only showcases the church’s external structure, but also provides accurate measurement data that can be used for surveying purposes. In this project, we used RTK enabled drone technology and multiple ground control and check points to ensure that the final model produced was geospatially accurate. This demonstrates how drones can enhance the speed and efficiency of 3D modelling whilst still providing the necessary levels of accuracy.

Overall, our work on this project highlights the various benefits of using drone technology for architectural and surveying purposes. The ability to capture intricate details while maintaining survey-grade accuracy, along with the time and cost savings associated with drone 3D modelling, makes it a game-changer in these industries. DR1 Aerial Ltd are proud to be able to offer this service and we take great pride in providing our clients with reliable results.

3D model of a church by a drone - entrance close up

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