Col Smith Car Sales

DR1 Aerial Ltd recently had the opportunity to work on a project for Col Smith Car Sales, an independent car sales garage located in Northallerton. The objective of the project was to create a captivating aerial promotional video that showcased the various offerings of the garage.

Filming an aerial promotional video with a drone added a unique perspective to the project. It allowed for the capture of stunning shots from above, providing potential customers with a bird’s-eye view of the wide range of vehicles available. The drone footage also allowed for smooth and dynamic camera movements, enhancing the overall visual appeal of the video.


One of the highlights of this project was being able to film inside the garage with our FPV drone, the DJI Avata. This provided an exclusive look at the well-maintained workshop and showcased the professionalism and expertise of the mechanics at Col Smith Car Sales. The drone captured shots of vehicles currently undergoing work, highlighting their attention to detail and dedication to providing top-notch service.

By using drone technology in this promotional video, DR1 Aerial Ltd was able to create a visually engaging and compelling piece that effectively showcased the offerings of Col Smith Car Sales. The aerial shots and unique perspectives captured with our drones added a level of sophistication and professionalism to the final product. We are confident that this promotional video will greatly contribute to increasing brand awareness and attracting new customers to Col Smith Car Sales.

Col Smith Car Sales yard rear view

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